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Secrets and the Sea

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This is an unedited excerpt

Ch 2 con't

That night he entered the room as he had before, opening the door to his bedroom where she was and then going back to his desk.

He sat there for a long time, pouring over charts and maps. He was entirely involved in his work and she watched him from the doorway. It was very late, past midnight, and she could see he was tired.

He did not look up or even acknowledge her although he knew she was there.

She watched for a little while longer and then moved to where he sat. He looked up at her for a moment and then back down at his work.

She moved behind him and stroked his neck, easing the tense cords at the base of his skull.

He groaned as she pressed her thumbs into a particularly hard spot.

"Come to bed. You' re exhausted." she said picking up his hand.

He looked at her, and drew his hand back slowly. "You go first, I' ll be in when I finish."

Estèban knew if he went in there with her, he would take her. It was that simple. He' d managed to dampen his desire for her so far, but he did not think he could hold out any longer.

She looked into his eyes. "Come with me now." she said in a near whisper.

He blinked and looked away "I cannot...Katherine, I will not be able to stop..." he stammered.

"I know." She took his hand once more and led him into the bedroom. She slid his coat from his shoulders and then unbuttoned his waistcoat.

"I want to see you."

He pulled the ties on his shirt, his eyes never leaving hers the entire time. She leaned in and kissed him, letting him deepen the kiss, but stepping back when he moved to embrace her.

He pulled his flies, and dropped his pants then stood before her naked holding his arms out at his sides, displaying himself as she had at the slave market.

"...You are so well made." she breathed.

He had a broad, muscular chest, a flat, defined torso, and long, powerful legs. In short, he had the type of body men spent months and years in the gym to achieve… the sort that women lusted for. She ran her gaze downward.

His manhood was nestled in a thick mat of hair that grew from his chest down, she could already see his budding arousal. Katherine raised her eyes to his and at last stepped into his embrace. She cupped him and he groaned at her touch.

"Are you sure?" he said.

"Yes, Estèban, I want you." she replied and kissed his chest, circling one of his nipples with her tongue. Her free hand explored his back, tracing the long firm muscles there, her other hand continued stroking him gently and she could feel him rising under her hand.

He bent his head and took her mouth in a kiss that was in turns frightening and thrilling in it's intensity. Pulling her closer to his taut body, he kissed her long and hard and her knees literally buckled, something she thought only happened in cheesy movies and trashy books. He was there hold her up and she made a small sound as he scooped her into his arms and laid her upon the bed.

He reached out and took the two sides of her caftan, pulling slowly, tearing it down the middle. The thin silk parted like the water before his bow and he bent his head to suckle her breasts, nuzzling into her softness, reveling in her scent.

"Be gentle, go slowly," the words sounded over and over in his mind even though every fiber of his body begged him to take her hard and fast.

He fondled one breast while he suckled the other, loving the way she arched slightly as he drew hard on her nipple. Kate made a small sound, pain and desire combined.

He brought his hand down lower and slipped within her cleft. Dear God, she was wet and eager! He made a lustful growl and her hips moved upwards to push him deeper. Obliging her he ran his fingers within her folds, tracing lazy circles around her clitoris. He wanted to taste her, to suckle upon that tiny button of her sex. He wanted to hear her scream his name.

He moved slightly to her entrance and pressed one finger gently within her.

"Dios, you are tight." he said in a roughly. He wasn't sure he wouldn't hurt her when he penetrated that tight sheath.

Katherine wasn't sure if he was angry over that or glad, his tone revealed nothing.

"I...I' m sorry?" she offered.

He laughed a little. "Do not be sorry."

Estèban slid down her body, trailing hot kisses to her belly, worshiping her. Without preamble, he began pressing kisses along her thigh, then moved higher; she cried out as his tongue touched her.

"Ah! God, yes!" she was shocked at his actions. Her eyes widened as she watched him move to take her with is mouth.

Kate's hips moved seemingly on their own, rocking to meet his tongue and lips. He pushed her thighs farther apart as he moved deeper, nibbling the lips of her labia, darting and teasing. Pressing deeper he traced a hard arch around her sex, finally driving his tongue within her sheath. She peaked then and he lapped at her juices as they flowed from her.

"Oh, sweet." he murmured. His cock was granite hard and nearly painful to him, but he was enchanted by her reaction to his lovemaking, savoring her every sound and movement. He knew she would be exquisite.

He rose over her and kissed her mouth, dueling with her tongue.

"Do you taste how sweet you are, Katherine?" he breathed. "Like wild honey."

"Yes, oh yes..." she moaned. She was trembling at the onslaught of sensation. She' d suspected he would be a good lover, but she had never anticipated just how good he would be. This was easily the most erotic experience she had ever had. She felt as though he was touching her everywhere at once. All the nerves in her body were alight and firing rapidly. She felt it all; from his intimate caresses to the cool breeze coming through the slightly opened window. The tiny hairs on her arms stirred making her shiver.

Esteban shifted his position, dragging her attention back to what he was doing. He laid beside her and drew his hand up to continue caressing her clit, her hips moved steadily with his fingers, pushing her to the verge of climax once more. Turning his head, he suckled her breast, scoring the nipple with his teeth and she drew in a sharp breath. Her left hand came up and stroked his dark head, and he looked up at her when she touched him.

Katherine nodded slightly, it was all the encouragement he needed.

Moving over her he nudged her thighs and she parted her legs to him.

"I do not wish to hurt you." he murmured.

"You won’t." she groaned, her need and frustration were mounting.

He took her hands in his, lacing his fingers through hers drawing them up over her head, resting his weight upon his elbows above her.

"Look at me." he said. She looked into his incredible eyes once more.

"Tell me where you are from." he said. His long hair hung down, tickling her face, and his golden earrings gleamed mellowly in the dimness.

"What?" She couldn't fathom why he wanted to know this all of a sudden.

"Your home, tell me about it." he said gruffly, startling her.

"I told's called.... Ah!"

He thrust hard, striking the mark on the first blow. Her eyes widened at his entry and she caught her bottom lip with her top teeth, inhaling sharply.

He seated himself deeply within her on the second thrust. His hips found a comfortable fit within the wide embrace of her thighs and she arched to accommodate him further.

"Mmmm." he exhaled. "Oh yes, I recall now. Pawtucket."

He was huge; bigger than her first lover, her ex-boyfriend Roger. The only other man she'd ever been with.

Tears had sprung to her eyes and one rolled down her cheek, but she held his gaze. "Oh, good." she took a ragged breath.

"Am I hurting you?" he asked. His voice was full of concern.

"At first...but I' m fine." she breathed.

He let go of her hands and reached to touch that tear with his thumb, he kissed her cheek softly, then bent his head to her shoulder. Even as ready as she had been it was still painful for her he knew. She was as unused as Abdallah had promised. Thankfully she was not a virgin, still he regretted having hurt her.

He inhaled and moved slightly, only to draw his hand down between them with a tenderness she never would have expected.

"Dear God Katherine." he groaned. "You are as tight as a glove." he breathed raggedly in her ear.

She felt his hand stroking her, her own hands had twined themselves in his dark hair, caressing his head and his face as he dipped to kiss her again.

His tongue ran along her upper lip and her tongue slipped out to tease at him, then retreated back into her mouth, begging him to follow.

The brief pain from his initial thrust had quickly faded and Katherine took a deep breath. "Estè are so good at this." she sighed and felt his laugh.

Between them his fingers busily worked her clit, circling and stroking. Her breathing now shortened to barely audible pants and he knew she was close.

"Come for me Katherine." he growled in her ear.

He pressed her rigid clit and she groaned, then inhaled deeply.


Katherine came hard. She' d never had a climax with a man actually within her. Usually she' d do it for herself, then get him off. Estèban was not going to give her that chance, she could tell. He was most assuredly the captain of this ship.

Her body arched into him and he could feel the powerful muscles of her sheath clenching silkily along his rampant cock, squeezing him hard. He was delighted by her reaction and closed his eyes; taking another deep breath, he tried desperately to keep from peaking himself.

He made an experimental thrust and she moaned under him, a slight pained sound; still it was smoother than he expected.

"Estèban please..." she whispered urgently.

He grinned down at her. "Such a greedy girl."

He moved slowly, agonizingly; taking his time and savoring every second of their passion. With every thrust the flat plain of his groin pressed into her clitoris stimulating her further and she felt herself beginning to peak once more. He drew his length from her and she moaned softly, almost sadly at the separation of their bodies; and then inhaled sharply as he plunged back within her. Her hips thrust back to him, welcoming his body to hers, begging for more.

They moved together that way for a long time, the tight grasp of her hot sheath gripping and releasing him was incredibly erotic; he had to grind his teeth to keep from exploding like a boy, and the deep penetration of his raging cock drove her wild with passion.

She brought her hands up as he rose over her, letting him watch her stroke her own breasts, pulling and twisting at the nipples, feeling sexy and hot as he made a deep male sound of appreciation.

"You are incredible." he breathed, but she barely heard him. She was spiraling upward toward orgasm again.

Aria was right, he was an amazing lover and his stamina was unbelievable.

He continued to move slowly upon her, until he felt the slight change in her body again. He couldn't name what it was; it was more of a feeling to him, something vague that signaled to him she was once more approaching a climax. He knew it almost before she did.

Estèban had an amazing empathy for women, he did not simply fuck them like other men. He genuinely loved them. All of them. The unique softness, and scent of women, their eyes, their hair.

It was important to him that his lovers were entirely satisfied before he sought his own completion.

She arched under him again as he moved roughly above her, breathing heavily. She was going to come again, she could feel it, and even more she knew he knew.

As though she had spoken his name he turned his head sharply and looked down at her, his eyes widened slightly then returned to the half lazy look he'd worn since he entered the bedroom.

"Yes, come now." he said; his voice low, husky, demanding, and fully expecting to be obeyed. "Let go, Cariña. "

She inhaled sharply at his words and her hips bucked into his, hard.

"Ahh, Kate, you are so beautiful..." He smiled vaguely as he watched it overtake her; she arched slowly, and he moved to his knees to gain leverage, there was no need to increase his speed, not yet.

At his words her mouth had come open as though to speak, but no words came out, she swallowed convulsively and her whole body spasmed. He groaned out loud as her muscles clenched him like a fist.

"Estèban...Oh God…"

He held her loosely with one arm around her shoulders as she shuddered and braced himself upon the bed with his other arm; now he could find his own completion.

He increased his speed, bending to her, he inhaled deeply. The musky woman scent of her, which had fueled his arousal all along, was even more pronounced, driving his primal need to take her and make her his forever.

He thrust his pelvis into hers, penetrating as deeply as he could and he heard her inhale sharply again, whether in pain or pleasure he did not know, he was too far gone to worry, all thoughts of gentleness now gone.

He could feel the tingle of his approaching climax, and he made a deep growl, pouring forth within her body. Estèban pulled her up to take as much of him within her as he could manage, claiming her, making her his.

He looked down and found her looking back at him. They stared into each other’s eyes for a long moment before his eyes slid shut in pure ecstasy.

Kate clung to him, fully there, reveling along with him in passion as he found completion.

At last, he let her down and moved slowly above her until he had nothing left. His breathing was ragged and he felt entirely drained.

One of her hands came up to caress his face gently; like a small white dove.

He caught it with one of his and kissed her palm.

She smiled up at him tiredly, her eyes already half closed with sated passion.

He moved from her body and lay close, holding her around the waist and pulling her to her side so he could look into her beautiful eyes.

"Katherine..."he breathed. "That was..."

She looked up at him, sweeping her sea-green gaze across his handsome face. She placed her fingertips against his lips. "Yes, it was."

She bent her head to his chest and then fell quietly asleep, listening to his steady heartbeat and needing only his warm body against hers.

He dropped a soft kiss upon the top of her head and gathered her in and then Estèban fell gratefully into the depths of sleep himself.