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Here are a few of the reviews I've received on the Calthraca Legacy.
Please note, all reviews are the property of the reviewers.


Title: Calthraca: The Tiger

Author: Camryn Cutler

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Publisher URL:

ISBN: 978-1-59374-852-4

Reviewer: LT Blue

Rating: 4 Stars

Heat Level: H


Princess Adama Fawkes of Lyros has made her displeasure to her mother, the Queen, known while attending another dreaded ball.  When she realizes that her mother is parading yet another round of suitors by her, she has had enough. In an instant, she catches the eye of Tengri Khan, prince of Tarks. Tengri, known as The Tiger, is a ruthless leader. Rumor has it that he is seeking a wife and the matrons are keeping all of the eligible young ladies away from him. Adama does the unthinkable and accepts a dance with Tengri, setting off a chain of events in Adama’s life that will change her perspective forever.


The Tiger was a delightful read. The primary and secondary characters were a great mixture and I read straight through until the end. Princess Adama is presented with every stereotype and then some of a spoiled princess that I expected to see. The growth that Ms. Cutler displays with Adama is wonderful. I was able to see her maturity develop through the pages of this story. Tengri is described as the sexy sultan prince (reminded me of Omar Sharif). Tengri knows what he wants and he isn’t about to let a little word like ‘no’ stand in his way. Tengri oozed sex appeal and it wasn’t lost on Adama; the ‘no’s’ turned into a multitude of ‘yes’s’. The sex between Tengri and Adama was a sensual type of heat, not the instant combustion but more of a gradual falling in love heat that curls your toes. The setting of this story was enough to make me forget all about the snow. I felt like I was there with the sand beneath my feet and the multiple oases described. The story has many twists and turns, and does not lose the reader. I was shocked, yet excited about the turn towards the ending of the story. I was filled with glee when I realized that there will be a sequel. Ms. Cutler thanks for a great read!


LT Blue

Just Erotic Romance Reviews


From Joyfully Reviewed

Review: The Tiger by Camryn Cutler
The Tiger by Camryn Cutler
Calthraca series, Book 1
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
Historical Romance
ISBN:  978-1-59374-851-7
Reviewed by Talia Ricci


Princess Adama Fawkes is the pampered and utterly enchanting heir to the throne of Lyros.  It is while attending a ball in which her mother, the Queen, tries very hard not to be obvious about her search for a suitable husband for Adama, that she sees him for the first time.  The Tiger.  Tengri Khan, the prince of the Tarks, a warrior unlike any other.  Adama is at once fascinated and thrilled by the attention he bestows on her.  When he asks her to dance and she accepts, she has no idea how much her life will change from that moment forward.


Tengri Khan is used to everyone doing exactly what he wants, when he wants it.  Seeing Adama across the crowded ballroom, he knows without a doubt that he has found his first wife.  Much to his consternation, Adama isn't at all as thrilled with the prospect as he is. It seems the Tiger now has a she-cat to tame, and tame her he will.


I love finding and reading new authors.  With The Tiger, Camryn Cutler has penned a novel of exquisite passion and poignant emotions.  While some scenes in the book are not for the faint of heart, the tale would not be the same without them.  The Tiger takes place in the desert and as such, the reader is fully immersed in a story of one man and the woman he loves. A man who demands respect and complete obedience.  A man a woman would follow into death if asked. It is also the story of one woman's strength and love for such a man.


Not sure what I would find within the pages of this book, I can honestly say that I hated to see The Tiger come to a close.  Thank goodness there is to be a continuation of Adama's story in a second book, one that I suddenly find myself craving above all others.  For a first publication, Camryn Cutler has penned an outstanding novel in The Tiger and I want to be the first to admit that I HAVE to read the next installment.


For Adamare:

Calthraca: Adamare

Camryn Cutler

Whiskey Creek Press Torrid


May 2007


Reviewed by Natasha Smith

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5




 “The saga of Adamare is breathtaking and intense…  There are many dangerous and painful obstacles along the way toward reaching her daughter, but Adama will not be alone for long.  The journey she takes leads her down a new path. One that may finally bring her peace and love again. Adama is an amazing woman; she is intelligent, strong and beautiful. Kesim has a powerful presence; he is commanding in life and dominating in bed. He is incredibly sexy… I found Adamare to be an imaginative story full of danger, romance and eroticism.” 

Nanette, Joyfully Reviewed


For Surrender Love:



Camryn Cutler


Review Date: 4/27/2007

ISBN:  978-1-59374-864-7

Genre(s): Sheik/Desert - Middle East

Synopsis from Publisher or the reviewer:

He had been her first lover, a man so masterful that he had held her life in the palm of his hand. When Tengri-Khan, Sehzade of Tartak died, Adama had wanted to die with him.

Fifteen years later, an older and wiser Adama Fawkes has found her fated love in Kesim Trasain, her husband, a powerful sorcerer, and the man who would move heaven and earth for her. Settled comfortably into their happy life, they thought their journey was over, they thought they'd earned some peace. But fate had other plans.

Tengri-Khan has returned and he wants his wife back.

Once again stolen from her family, Adama is far too strong now to meekly accept Tengri's rule. Her fervent plans for escape, her hope and her heart are put to the test when she encounters Khalid Fariz, Saracen and assassin from Tengri's past. Determined and seemingly unstoppable, Fariz has set his sights on Adama, and his powerful charm threatens to overwhelm her.

Can she escape both Tengri and Khalid and somehow find her way back to Kesim, or must she Surrender Love?


The Heart-stirring characters of Calthraca: Surrender Love make this book a page-turner.

Adama is snatched from her family and husband, Kesim, by her first husband, Tengri, who she thought was dead. Of course, the question is will good, Kesim, reign over not so good, Tengri - getting Adama back? Camryn Cutler comes up with an imaginative way for the suspense to work itself out, and it's nice to see someone venture out of the commonplace and use a desert setting.

The use of sorcery, love, kindness, bondage and abuse provokes the senses making this an electrifying read.

I enjoyed Calthraca: Surrender Love and encourage everyone to find out what it's all about.

Romance Junkies:


Adama Fawkes has finally put the past behind her. Blissfully content and happy with her husband Kesim and their children; Adama looks back on her memories of Tengri-Khan as a stepping stone to her current happiness.   Embracing the life and love of a good man, Adama knows that Kesim is her life and without him she would be a shell of the woman she has finally become.   Within the span of one hour, Adama's life changes when she comes face to face with a man that has been dead for more than a decade - Tengri Khan, the Sehzade of Tartak. Stolen by Tengri and forced to once again become his wife, Adama is unable to avoid the fate thrust upon her by her now alive first husband.   Having no choice but to be the woman Tengri expects, Adama plots and plans and tries to find her way out of this current unacceptable situation.   Aid comes in the form of a Saracen assassin, Khalid Fariz, a man so much like her beloved Kesim that Adama fears she is losing her mind.


Third time is definitely the charm in SURRENDER LOVE, the third installment of Camryn Cutler's Calthraca series.   I was once again treated to a perfectly plotted fantasy world in which I was able to immerse myself.   After I read Adamare, book two of the Calthraca series, I couldn’t imagine Adama's story being written any better.   Gleefully incorrect in my assessment, I am happy to state that SURRENDER LOVE was every bit as excellently written and captivating as the first two installments.   With a new spin on Adama’s tale, Ms. Cutler once again exposes her readers to the man I loved to hate, Tengri-Khan, Adama’s first husband.   He was as selfish in SURRENDER LOVE as he was in THE TIGER.   Wanting Adama to escape his cruelty became my uppermost desire and I could not put this book down.


SURRENDER LOVE made me weep in its intensity and cringe with its raw and powerfully written words.   Often times I yelled out loud at the characters.   Then, I would become humbly sad with Adama.  The road traveled with this series is something to behold.  Camryn Cutler’s talent and ability to keep me on the edge of my seat is perfectly executed within the written page.   SURRENDER LOVE is simply captivating and it is definitely a book I will tell people about for a very long time to come.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natasha Smith