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Calthraca: Surrender Love Book 3 - Sequel to Adamare

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Available Now From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Calthraca: Surrender Love


Back Cover Blurb:

He was not the man fate intended for her.


He was her first lover, a man so masterful that he held her life in the palm of his hand.

When Tengri-Khan, Sehzade of Tartak died, Adama wanted to die with him.


Fifteen years later, an older and wiser Adama Fawkes has found her fated love; Kesim Trasain, her husband, a sorcerer and the man who would move heaven and earth for her.

Settled comfortably into their happy life, they thought their journey was over, they thought they’d earned some peace, but fate had other plans.


Tengri-Khan has returned and he wants his wife back.


Once more stolen from her family, Adama is far too strong now to meekly accept Tengri’s rule once more. Her fervent plans for escape, her hope and her heart are put to the test when she encounters Khalid Fariz, Saracen and assassin from Tengri’s past.

Determined and seemingly unstoppable, Fariz has set his sights on Adama, and his powerful charm threatens to overwhelm her. Can she escape both Tengri and Khalid and somehow find her way back to Kesim, or must she Surrender Love?

Now Available From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Kesim let his caress go lower, sliding down under the coverlet, fondling her lovingly. She sighed as he leaned over and kissed her. Sated, he soon fell into a deep sleep and Adama stood up and stretched. She wasn’t tired and decided to take a walk around the garden.

Leaving the villa through her terrace doors, she pulled a light robe over herself, and made her way down the quiet path to their walled garden. The path meandered about the property, around a large deep pond, and circled back to the villa. It was private and quiet and cool in the heat of the day. The sun wasn’t high yet, but it was warm and Adama decided to cool her feet in the pond.

She walked down to the shore enjoying the quiet sounds of dawn, and as always the incredible view of the rising sun. She kilted her silk robe into her belt, then waded into the cool water. She looked down and smiled as a group of three or four small fish circled her ankles curiously.

The fish suddenly zipped off to the deeper darkness of the pool as a booted foot appeared near hers. She started to turn and was stopped by a large body. A huge hairy hand came down over her mouth and his other arm came around her middle, lifting her easily out of the water. Unable to scream, she kicked and flailed madly, trying to force him to drop her. He managed to drag her to shore where he flung her face down and then drove a heavy knee into her back, knocking her breathless. She gasped air and tried to scream and felt a heavy blow to the back of her neck, and she fell still.

When Adama awoke, it was dark.

Her head ached terribly and she thought it might be easier to simply go back to sleep, except she was so thirsty.

Devrim eftek kadi.”

She moaned low and swallowed. Why would Kesim speak Tarkir? She moaned again and tried to raise her hand to her face.

“Dammit, Kesim,” she sent the thought. “Why are you speaking Tarkir?”

“Oh, my head is killing me,” she said aloud.

She opened her eyes and looked around. She didn’t recognize her surroundings and fear ran through her. Kesim still had not answered her. “Kesim?”

She was about to repeat herself, and he spoke again.

“It is not Kesim, Seref'behar.”

Adama turned her head quickly, ignoring the pain.

“Oh my God!”